Membership Plans

Social Bicycles offers a variety of membership plans that are commonly found in many bike share systems. The key difference between Social Bicycles pricing and other dock-based bike share systems is we offer free riding time per day rather than per ride.

While the exact structure and pricing of each plan vary by City/Operator, these plans are typically offered on a Daily, Monthly, or Annual basis. The period of free riding time is customizable by the system operator, and also may vary if you purchased a Founding Membership or other promotion. Using the SoBi Hamilton pricing shown above as an example, one year of membership costs $85 plus tax and includes 60 minutes of free riding time per day. However, if you purchased a Founding Membership, your account receives 90 minutes of free riding time per day.

Any time the bike is reserved under your account, whether it is being ridden, booked in advance, or kept on 'hold', your meter is counting toward free riding time. If you exceed the free riding time per day, you will be charged an overage fee.

There are also additional fees if you lock up outside of a hub location or outside of a system area. Please see your local system website for exact fees as they vary by location and operator. 

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