Pay As You Go (PAUG)

The Social Bicycles Pay As You Go (PAUG) payment plan is an affordable plan intended for members seeking short-term access to their local Bike Share program. Think of this plan like a pre-paid Phone.

These plans may include a small one-time or yearly fee for setting up your subscription with the bike share operator. Once registered, a subscriber simply pays for the time they ride the bikes.* The hourly fee is prorated based on riding time. For example, with a $5-per-hour structure, a 30-minute ride would cost $2.50. 

Members are often charged in advance for their first hour of riding (see your local operator's options), or can add additional credit to their account when signing up. When a PAUG member rides, their usage fees are deducted from this balance. If the member's balance falls below a threshold (varies per program) then the member's card on file is charged.

*Unlike some other SoBi payment plans, the Pay-As-You-Go plan does not offer daily free time. There are also additional fees if you lock up outside of a hub location or outside of a system area. Please see your local system website for exact fees as they vary by location and operator. 

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